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Why You Should Have a Pet

Pets are more than cute domestic animals that get excited to see you every time you come home from a quick trip to the grocery store. They become legitimate members of your family, and for good reason. They’re loyal companions.

Here are four reasons why you should get a pet sooner than later.

Stress reduction

It doesn’t matter your age, too much stress isn’t healthy for anyone. When the world seems to be crumbling around you, a dog or cat by your side can make even your worst days seem a little better. And that’s not just speculation. Studies have shown that playing or petting animals triggers a stress-reducing hormone called oxytocin. You can’t argue against science!


Dogs need walks. So do humans. The daily ritual of walking the dog forces you to get that much-needed exercise in order to increase endorphins and get those muscles moving.

Try to go beyond your neighborhood. Head to your local park, and walk the trail with your furry companion. Stretch a block into a mile, and then even longer. Your body, and dog, will thank you.

Conversation starter

It can be hard to start new conversations with strangers when you’re an adult. Pets are great icebreakers and allow you to bond with people you don’t know. Cat and dog lovers are especially chatty, but people can be just as enthusiastic about their birds, hamsters, fish, and ferrets.

Brain stimulation

Pets are like kids in a lot of ways. They don’t listen (at first), they’re dependent on you, and you have to teach them basic skills. Though this last activity can be challenging for both you and your pet, the brain stimulation can help keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Important to note: Don’t get a pet unless you’re able to properly care for one. Not everyone is meant to be a pet owner. They take up a lot of your time, space, and emotion. 

Do you have a pet? Tell us about him or her and maybe some advice on training or great dog parks in your area. 

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2 Comments on "Why You Should Have a Pet"

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Sharon hall
June 5, 2017 10:49 pm

My little princess Hanna adds so much to my life. And she helps me meet new neighbors.
There is nothing as great as feeling the love when I get home.


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