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Why RV Camps are Better than Your Average Campground

If you’ve been camping before, you know there’s a wide range to choose from when it comes to “roughing it.” As you get older, your willingness and desire to sleep in a bivouac might decrease, while your need for comfortable facilities increases. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the camaraderie of a campsite. RV camps combine the good times of camping with the comforts of RV travel to create the perfect camping experience.

The main benefit of an RV, the restroom, can’t be understated. When nature calls, squatting behind a tree just isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, if it ever was.

RV culture is unique. It’s a great way to meet fine people in beautiful places who come from all over the continent. Take advantage of your conversations with other RV adventurers to learn about traveling during shoulder season, where the best off-the-beaten-path spots are l, where to get the best pie in the tri-state area, and how you can keep your vehicle purring through the heat of a southern summer. Having so many knowledgeable fellow travelers around, anxious to give you advice when you need it, is a valuable asset to RV travel. The community is huge, and every person you meet has some valuable nugget of information to share.

Many RV camps have unexpected amenities to make your stay in nature more comfortable, like a well-stocked store, as well as entertainment for the whole family. Some sites offer hiking trails and canoes or kayaks. Others have pool access, beaches, and athletic facilities. You can even find If RV camps that have special areas for pets.

The average campground usually offers you a patch of ground to pitch your tent and a place to start a fire. Many also have sewer and electrical hookups for your vehicle. At RV camps, where simple survival takes less effort, you can enjoy greater comfort. Make new friends and have some fun, without having to worry about meeting a wild animal or some deadly bug crawling into your sleeping bag.

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