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Why Budgeting is Important

From the time you start earning money, until the day you die, budgeting is important. There’s a learning curve involved, and you’ve probably already developed your own ways of keeping track of your finances. After retirement, budgeting is more important than ever, even if you’re receiving social security benefits.

You want to be sure to have enough money for food, day-to-day needs, and to pay your bills. These are, for the most part, predictable expenses, but budgeting can help you keep financial affairs under control and ensure wiggle room and a cushion for the inevitable, unforeseen expenses and emergences.

One of the biggest reasons why budgeting is important is how it can affect your stress level when the unexpected occurs. Imagine having a medical emergency that sends you to the hospital and puts you in a rehabilitation center for an undetermined period of time. If you haven’t budgeted, and the bills are piling up at home, you’ll be worried and anxious about your financial situation rather than putting your energy into recovering.

When you know your financial affairs are in order, it translates to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Budgeting is important for your health and happiness.

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