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Staying Active

Three Ways to Stay Active

As you age, are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to stay active? Identifying the right activities and incentives could make all the difference.

Low Impact Exercise

There are many low impact exercises that you can have fun doing. Swimming helps get the blood pumping and doesn’t require any special equipment. Just get into the water and swim or hold onto the side and kick your legs. Being weightless has its benefits. It’s great if you have any knee issues. Walking also isn’t too hard on your joints, and if you invite a friend along, you might not even realize you’re exercising. You can also listen to your favorite music that spurs you on or your favorite audiobook. Try making low impact exercise part of your daily routine. Some general lifestyle changes you could make are taking the stairs instead of the elevator and leaving the car at home to run an errand within walking distance.

Take a Dance Class

Whether you’re a ballroom-type of guy or gal, or you want to try something a little more daring, like Zumba, a dance class specifically tailored toward seniors is a fun way to stay active. Talk your friend or partner into joining you for added motivation. If a dance class seems too high-impact, maybe find classes that take place in the water or ask if there are low-impact alternatives to the moves.

Adopt a Pet

If you’re an animal lover, now is a good time to consider getting a furry friend. Taking your dog for a walk a few times a day gets you outside in the fresh air and helps you get some exercise in the process, without it feeling like exercise. Even just going to the park and throwing the ball for your canine companion is beneficial.

If you would like to chat with other senior with similar interests to find out how they’re staying fit and active, comment below or connect with other seniors in our forum.

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