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Staying Active

The Importance of Scheduling Your Time

It can seem as though your retirement years stretch out ahead of you, a sea of time waiting to be filled with activity. However, many retirees run into one of two problems: either they’re unable to fit in everything they want to do, or they never get started. No one wants to make plans and not follow through. That’s why scheduling your time is so important.

When you make a schedule, you’re able to participate in more activities, because you’re not just rushing from one place to another, possibly having to leave an activity you enjoy, because you didn’t schedule enough time to do it.

Once important appointments are taken care of, you can leave some gaps for anything unexpected. By having a visual representation of your day, you’ll get a better feel for how long your appointments will take and how much you can fit in.

Scheduling your time isn’t only for activities outside the home. It also helps you discipline yourself to write that novel, learn a new language or read those books you said you’d get to when you had enough time. Now you do! Even if you set aside just an hour a day, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve accomplished by the end of the month.

Another benefit of scheduling your time is that it gives you control over your life. You’ll have more say over what you do and when. You’ll also be more reliable. Friends and family will know they can depend on you.

Finally, having a schedule will give you have a routine, so you wake up each day with purpose and know your life has meaning.

When you schedule your time, you have control over where you go, who you see, what you do, and when. Fill your days with more of the activities you want to be doing, and maintain your schedule to give your life purpose.

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