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How to Talk to Your Children About Moving Into a Retirement Community


When you reach a certain point in your life, you may be weighing the pros and cons of moving to a retirement community. While this decision does come with some advantages, especially if you’re struggling with homeowner responsibilities or you’re having trouble getting up and down the stairs. But it can cause some negative reactions among family members. Try these tips to start the conversation and help them feel more comfortable about the idea.

Research Options

If you come to the discussion with well-researched information on retirement communities in your area, your loved ones are more likely to see how serious you are about this decision. You can also discuss different levels of communities, which include independent living, assisted living, and continuing care. Your specific needs will help you decide which level of facility you might like to live in, and having a conversation about the different options is a good way to begin the conversation.

Keep Bringing It Up

If your kids struggle with the idea at first, don’t keep pushing them into accepting it overnight. Instead, during opportune moments, keep mentioning it. Rushing into a drastic decision will only upset your family and loved ones.

Understand the Concerns

It’s difficult to have a conversation if neither side will listen to the other’s points and concerns. Take some time to understand why your children are worried about your decision to move to a retirement community, and allow them to discuss their feelings openly.

If you’re still struggling with how to talk to your kids about this issue, visit SuperSeniorConnection.com and talk with like-minded people. You could get some good advice from someone who’s been where you are. Head on over to connect with others and find information on topics that interest you.

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