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Pat and Alicia Moorhead

live the life of a

Super Senior

Pat and Alicia Moorhead, 81 and 66, who wander around the world.

The day Pat Moorhead turned 80, he went to the airport to jump with a parachute 80 times… in a row, with no breaks. This event took him six hours and 34 minutes. Jumping from airplanes, however, isn’t Pat’s favorite hobby. Pat Moorhead, who is now 81, and his wife Alicia, who is 66, spend the majority of their time in un-ending travels, which they always embark on with the same goal.

Pat and Alicia met 27 years ago, when Pat was 55 and Alicia was around 40. Since then, they’ve traveled non-stop. They’ve already visited over 180 countries and continue to spend most of their time traveling. According to Alicia’s calculations, last year, they spent 240 out the 365 days on the road.

Pat and Alicia don’t have a blog, they aren’t shooting a film, nor writing a book. They don’t even provide humanitarian aid. They travel exclusively for one reason: because they really like traveling. And, with exclusively one goal in mind: to see as much as they can, to understand as much as possible, and to collect as many bright memories as possible.

This template for travel was Alicia’s idea. She had already tried it out before meeting Pat. Now, the Moorheads travel together: insperable and very happy.

“We aren’t tourists, we are travelers,” says Pat. It’s true. The Moorheads almost never visit well-known attractions and don’t follow popular tourist guidelines.

Instead, they find the most unusual places on this planet and travel to countries, which most tourists tend to avoid. They’ve wandered around Ethiopia, Mali, and Burkina Faso; studied people in Mongolia and Moldova, walked all around Colombia, Peru, and Chile up and down and across (Pat even learned to speak Spanish); and transversed Russia west to east by train, crossing over every time zone.

Of course, anything can happen to travelers in exotic places. Once, a bomb exploded just a few blocks from their hotel in Lebanon. In Timbuktu, Pat and Alicia miraculously missed a Tuareg uprising. In Ireland as well as in Greece, they witnessed massive public riots.

“We don’t seek out danger,” Pat explains. “But, once in a while, we do find ourselves in difficult situations. All my grown children and grandchildren (and I even have three great-grandchildren) think that we are acting kind of crazy. Despite that, they support us. On our return home, we always happily share stories of our adventures.”

All this is not to say that Pat and Alicia are particularly rich. Not at all. They just travel economically. They stay in inexpensive hotels, fly via cheap airlines. They never go out to expensive restaurants. And, they always follow the rules they’ve dubbed “the rule of threes”: no item in their luggage should be present in more than three copies, or to be more precise – two, since what they have on at the time counts too. So, Pat and Alicia travel lightly.

Despite their modest needs, the Moorheads still end up spending absolutely all of their money on travel.
When they are home, Pat directs a skydiving club and heads the SOS: Skydivers over Sixty group, of which Alicia is also a member. Plus, he makes extra money skydiving on camera for film and television commercials.
But, Pat and Alicia do not intend on changing their lifestyle in the foreseeable future.

“Of course, we already have enough adventures to fill a book,” says Pat. “But, there are still plenty of places we haven’t seen. And, maybe we will end up writing a book… eventually. When we get old!”

Pat and Alicia’s Rules of Happiness:

  1. Being happy is very easy. It’s enough to not be a bad person and not to think that everyone around you owes you something.
  2. You can’t let fear and anxiety rule your life.
  3. Good and bad deeds always boomerang. If you want to be happy – do something good for others.
  4. People often think that their dreams can’t come true, and so, they don’t do anything. That’s not right. You have to keep trying: don’t give up and stop on the road to your dream.
  5. Happiness is a lifestyle. Is it that simple? Yes.

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