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Super Senior Star

Ellie Caroland

lives the life of a

Super Senior

For the past twenty years, the town of Georgetown, Kentucky, particularly the Scott County Public Library, has benefitted from the passion of one volunteer: Ellie Caroland. Ellie is a Super Senior Star who has inspired many of the younger people in her community to go to the library, ask questions, and learn about the past. With her generosity of spirit and a contagious curiosity, Ellie has enriched the lives of library patrons for decades.

Ellie came to the library to learn about her family’s history, and to help others looking to do the same. She has served as President of the Scott County Geological Society several times since 1989. In 2015, she was even was awarded the Richardson/Conway Outstanding Library Volunteer Award by the Kentucky Public Library Association. The award is given to volunteers who have demonstrated a commitment to the mission of their local library and have consistently shown passion for helping others at the library.

Ellie’s fascination with history and her love of the detective work involved in learning about the characters of Kentucky’s past have fueled her work. She is a Super Senior who has spent countless hours at the library helping others to reveal the mysteries of their past. Ellie is well-known in and around Georgetown for her ability to find the documents that tell a complete story about the past.

She recently stepped down from her post to devote more time to a biography she is working on about her great-grandfather, who fought in the Civil War. Ellie has shown other members in her community that the past is not dead; it lives on in the records left behind by our ancestors and even their ancestors’ ancestors.

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