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Arthur Stevens

lives the life of a

Super Senior

I’ve always believed in living life with meaning. I created non-profit organizations to feed the homeless and held non-violence events. This led to me working together with the Violence Prevention Coalition in creating and presenting a poster at the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Issues.

I also believe in staying fit in mind and body. For more than thirty years I’ve worked out with the top aerobic, yoga, and martial arts instructors and got into Muay Thai (Thai boxing) in my late sixties.

As I advanced in age, I made it my mission to remain active and be a productive member of society. So much of the media is geared toward millennials, that anyone over the age of forty begins to feel obsolete. People who have so much to contribute either give up or are cast aside.

I wanted to create a virtual rec room for people to share stories of strength and hope. A place where anyone of any age could feel safe and free to be who they are and ask questions. Super Senior Connection is a dream come true.

Welcome. Make yourself at home.

For a more personal explanation of how Super Senior Connection was founded, watch our video!

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Sue Baumann
January 22, 2017 4:11 pm

Nice. To be here. Enjoyed your story. Sue

Shoshana Dubman
Shoshana Dubman
April 21, 2017 3:24 am



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