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Super-food You Should be Sneaking into Your Diet

Kale and quinoa are easy foods to implement into your diet. Use the leafy green as the base of your salad, and mix the ancient grain with your rice or morning bowl of oatmeal. Unfortunately, not all super-foods are as easy to mix into your dining routine.

These super-foods are scientifically-proven to work wonders for your health. We’ll tell you about them and recommend easy ways to add them to your food repertoire.


You’ll usually find this root in powder form, sprinkled into Indian food. Recently, scientists have confirmed what the Chinese and Indians have known for centuries: the curcumin found in turmeric is excellent for reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Turmeric can also be taken as a pill, but it’s not bad by itself when mixed with little hot water. If it’s not too spicy for you, add some black pepper, which helps your body absorb turmeric’s nutrients.

Side note: beware of spilling turmeric on clothes or countertops. It will leave an orange stain.


The moringa plant has been a staple of Asian diets for a while now. Like turmeric, it’s a wonderful super-food for minimizing joint pain, but it’s also good for boosting your immune system.

While you can try sneaking moringa powder into your soups and baked treats in small quantities,  it’s best in concentrated pill form or mixed into a healthy vegetable smoothie.


The avocado has come a long way from being considered just a delicious premium dip for tortilla chips. It’s now become the preferred way to get more fiber, healthy fats, and potassium into your diet. Plus, it helps lower your cholesterol.

The tastiest way to eat an avocado is on whole wheat toast with your choice of seasoning. You can also add an egg if you’re eating it for breakfast.


It’s hard to keep up with the latest super-foods. Comment with your favorite super foods and/or your tips and tricks for adding more healthy foods into your diet.

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