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Signs It’s Time to Move Into an Assisted Living Situation

Making the decision to move into assisted living can be challenging emotionally and logistically. To make the process easier, here are four indicators that might help you decide whether it’s time to move to assisted living.

You Notice a Decline in Your Ability to Take Care of Yourself

If you notice a severe drop in weight, or on the flipside, you have sudden weight gain, it could indicate a serious health condition or an unhealthy change in diet. Do you have trouble remembering when you last ate a meal? Do you have a declining interest in personal grooming or are no longer physically capable of caring for yourself? Assisted living can alleviate these issues.

You Have Trouble Recovering From Minor Incidents

Falls and accidents require some recovery time, but if you’ve experienced an increase in falls or need a longer period of time to recover from accidents, an assisted living situation may be necessary. If you suffer from one or more chronic conditions, they could provide you with the necessary support and medical assistance.

You Experience a Decrease in Activity and Social Interaction

Failing to leave the house for days at a time or interact with friends and family for longer than usual, could indicate health and memory issues and may also suggest that your social circle is growing smaller. An assisted living facility can provide both regular activities and engaging social interactions.

You Neglect Household Chores

If you begin to neglect household chores, stop purchasing fresh food, or fail to open mail and pay bills on time, whether it’s due to poor memory or the lack of physical ability, an assisted living situation could offer the support and assistance you need to live a fulfilling, happy life.

There’s no need to let the challenges of transitioning into assisted living prevent you from making the right decision. In the long run, you’ll likely be relieved by your choice.

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