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Seniors Unintentionally Becoming Wards of the State

Though you’re probably living a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoying your golden years, you should know that if you become incapacitated, you could face a surprising and concerning consequence. If you haven’t made legal arrangements for your assets, a state court can appoint a complete stranger to take over the job.

Ward of the State

An adult ward of the state is a person who is legally deemed incapable of making decisions. They could have a mental or physical disability or reach an age where they’re no longer able to care for themselves.

If you become a ward of the state, the court will appoint a guardian who can provide services to maintain your wellbeing, including managing your finances, arranging for medical care, and deciding where you will live.

Potential for Fraud

Fraud against seniors is at an all-time high, with con artists ripping off senior citizens in a new epidemic of elder abuse. Although journalists, elder-care organizations, and even celebrities, have worked to raise awareness about the concerns of this system, little to nothing has changed. As baby boomers age, the risk of having poorly-appointed guardians continues to rise. Some of them have as many as 400 wards of the state for which they are responsible.

How to Avoid Becoming a Ward of the State 

You must take steps to protect yourself before the worst happens, and you’re no longer able to make your own decisions. By choosing and appointing someone to serve as a legal guardian should you become incapacitated, you can lessen the risk.

If you still have questions, check out the additional resources at Super Senior Connection about how to protect yourself, and post in the forum to discuss your concerns about this topic with other seniors.

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