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Medicare & Medicaid

Please Don’t Touch My Medicare & Social Security

Changes in the government over the past few years have resulted in some negative shifts regarding senior-based programs, such as Medicare and Social Security. In fact, some of the bills that have been proposed and moved through the steps toward approval are focused on cutting, or even eliminating, these programs. These changes are worrying many seniors and soon-to-be seniors who may lose out on their hard-earned benefits.

Fight to Privatize

One of the main tenants of the Republican mindset is the concept that private is always better than government-run. This seems to be their belief system in regard to Medicare, Social Security, and other programs designed to provide health coverage and funds to those who’ve been paying into the system throughout their lives.

Some Republicans may claim they don’t want to eliminate the programs entirely but take them out of the hands of the government and put it into a privately-run system..

Though this idea seems okay on the surface, it’s far from it. First of all, privatization won’t save Social Security. It’s a plan to dismantle it. Privatization means increased retirement risks and severe cuts in Social Security benefits. Also, privatization has already been tried in the UK and Chile, and it hasn’t worked out well at all.

Tax Cuts for the Rich

Another major concern among seniors in the United States is the idea that changes to the Social Security and Medicare programs may be pushed to grant tax cuts to those in higher tax brackets. As Republican leaders attempt to make cuts to these programs, additional funds could become available, which might ultimately fund tax benefits for millionaires and billionaires. This concept is certainly causing concern, especially since it could severely impact lower to middle-class seniors who can’t afford their basic needs after retirement.


With all the uncertainty in Washington, D.C., it’s easy to see why those eligible for these programs are worried. Visit superseniorconnection.com to stay abreast of potential changes to Medicare, Social Security, and other programs that impact your daily life. You are NOT alone! There’s a community of people going through the same situations you are and have similar questions. Visit our forums and start a discussion today!

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