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International Destinations

Planning an International Trip? Check Out These Destinations

The United States is full of great travel destinations, but you may yearn for something more exotic. International travel is great because it takes you out of your comfort zone while allowing you to experience unique sites and cultures.

You may be thinking…

But there are almost 200 countries in the world… where should you go?

We corralled a list of four international destinations that are perfect for Super Seniors like you…


The first misconception about Iceland is that it’s all ice. Surprisingly, only ten percent is glaciers, and the winters aren’t as bad as you’d think for a country that far north. From the aurora borealis to epic national parks, Iceland is a country with endless beauty. We recommend you rent a car to see as much of it as you can.

BANFF (Canada)

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park and one of the country’s most accessible natural attractions. Imagine glaciers, snow-capped mountains, wildlife (everywhere), and pristine lakes.

It shares a lot of the same attributes as Glacier National Park in Montana, but then you wouldn’t get to experience that famous Canadian hospitality.

Tulum (Mexico)

Located in Mexico’s Yucatan, Tulum gives you a balance of ancient ruins and white powder beaches. The sand is so fine on the shores of Tulum, that it’s commonly described as baby powder. The city’s ruins are unique, because they border the ocean, allowing you to be part of history while peering out at the Gulf of Mexico.

Antigua (Guatemala)

Guatemala has a plethora of incredible sites, but we isolated Antigua because it’s the most tourist-friendly.

Want to see a volcano? Book a tour to nearby Pacaya. How about learning about coffee? There’s no shortage of coffee tours in the region. Or maybe you want to learn Spanish. There are multiple schools in the city. As for nice hotels? You have your pick.

What are your favorite international destinations? Let us know in the comment section.

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