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How to Switch Careers After Retirement

Retirement is a word that conjures up a wide variety of emotions for most of us, but retiring from one career doesn’t mean you can’t have another. Many people move into consulting or even start their own business related to the field they just left. However, many retirees take this as an opportunity to try something completely different. Here are some tips on making the leap into a whole new career after retirement.

Think About Your Passions

Post-retirement is a great time to turn that hobby into a new and profitable career. Do you love to fish? Offer your services as a guide. Are your golfing skills the envy of your friends? Teach classes to children or beginners through your local course. Is everyone in your family after your recipe for caramel cake? Start your own bakery business or cooking school. Does your heart turn toward charitable causes involving children, animals, or veterans? Consider starting a nonprofit corporation to raise money or provide direct services to those in need.

Many people spend their career wishing they had done something else but feel it’s too late to take action. Now is your opportunity to embrace these unpursued passions!

Consider Teaching

Even if your earlier career had nothing to do with education, chances are you have a wealth of knowledge to share with new learners. While you might choose to teach the principles of your former job, you can also branch out into a completely new field. If you’re technically inclined, start out as an instructor at your local community center or college, teaching tech skills to other seniors. If you love children, go in the other direction and sign on at a preschool or day camp. You don’t necessarily need to have a degree in education or a teaching license at those levels.

Retirement doesn’t have to be the end of your working life, and for many retirees, it’s not. This time around, have more flexibility to choose your passion rather than chasing a salary and benefits. Chat it up with your fellow seniors in the online community at SuperSeniorConnection.com.

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