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How to Start Blogging

All Super Seniors have a story to tell. Maybe it’s noteworthy and unique experiences from your past or your current, post-retirement travels. Or you have a wild imagination and craft great fiction or poetry. Everyone has a story to tell that should be shared with others. A good way to do that is through a blog.

You might be thinking… A blog?! That sounds complicated. 


They’re not!

Blogs are easy to setup, publish, and share with friends and family. Here’s how you can get started.


This is the most popular blogging platform and for good reason. It packages a robust amount of blogging features (more than you’d probably ever need) in an easy-to-use, simple platform.

Head to WordPress.com and create a free account. Whatever name you choose during account creation will be part of your new blog URL. It’ll look like [yourblogname].wordpress.com

Side note: if you want yourblogname.com (without the wordpress), you can do that, too. It involves purchasing the name and a more complicated process. 

When you’re ready to blog, navigate to Posts on your WordPress dashboard (accessed by going to [yourblogname.com]/wp-admin and typing in the email and password you used to sign up for the service). The editor should look similar to what you’re used to in Microsoft Word.

The best part about WordPress is that if you enjoy blogging, you can seamlessly export your posts and transfer them to your own URL (yourblogname.com). Also, WordPress has an endless amount of add-ons (paid and free) that allow you do things like automatically share on social media, get more visibility on Google, and allow visitors to comment using their Facebook accounts.


This online publishing platform is even easier to use than WordPress because everything is integrated, with no additional plugins needed. All you have to do is create a free username. Your blog URL will look like this: medium.com/[yourusername].

Every post will have social media share buttons, high visibility on search engines, and a clean look (no design skills required). Friends, family, and new fans can follow your Medium account and get alerted whenever you publish.

Do you have a blog? Share your link in the comment section. 


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Denise Wells
August 15, 2017 3:15 pm

I have diabetes and I have neroapthey very bad dose anyone know a good excuse to get going in the morning when you first wake up


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