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How to Know if Your Memory Loss Is Serious

It isn’t unusual to forget things here and there, but frequently neglecting responsibilities, or failing to remember important information could be cause for concern. Find out how to know if memory loss is serious, and learn when to get help.

You Need Numerous Reminders

Everyone experiences some level of memory loss with aging and may need an extra reminder or two to complete a task or make an appointment. However, if you begin to neglect important tasks and appointments, or lose the ability to remind yourself to do them, your memory loss may be more serious.

You Frequently Forget Words

To determine how serious your memory loss is, think about how much it affects your daily life. If you forget minor things and remember them later, it probably isn’t anything to be concerned about. On the contrary, if you often forget words or what you were talking about mid-sentence or conversation, talk to your doctor.

You Struggle With Completing Certain Tasks

If you enjoy cooking but find that it takes you much longer than it should to complete a recipe, your memory loss may be taking a serious turn. The same goes for a sudden inability to pay bills on time or follow a plan you’ve devised. Talk with your doctor to determine whether these are early signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

You Get Lost in Familiar Places

While anyone can get lost going someplace new, it’s different if you become confused and lose your way in your own neighborhood. Also, if the passage of time or spatial relationships begin to confuse you, get help from trusted family members or your doctor.

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