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How to Keep Busy in Retirement

After you’ve retired, it might be tempting to settle into your favorite chair, turn on the TV, and do nothing for a while. As tempting as that might sound, it won’t accomplish much, and you didn’t work for decades just to stop living a fulfilling life when you finally have some free time.  Retirement gives you the chance you’ve been waiting for to catch up on your hobbies, try out something new, and to get around to all of the little projects around the house that have been on your to-do list for years.

As you get older, staying socially active becomes more and more important. Join local groups and clubs where you can practice your favorite activities Meet new people as you volunteer in your community. Explore new places. Whatever you choose to do, have fun doing it. There are opportunities for any interest. The more you put into these groups, the greater benefit you’ll receive.

Athletic opportunities for seniors are available in most communities through classes, teams, and clubs.You can also find informal ways to practice a sport you love or learn a new one. Research suggests that in addition to cognitive benefits of exercise among older adults, practicing sports such as dance or Taekwon-Do can improve balance and strengthen muscles (2, 3).No matter the level of physical ability or experience, everyone has to start somewhere. Structured physical activity can be a great way to meet new people, improve balance, and get stronger.

Retirement offers the opportunity to spend time enjoying the comforts of home and get the most benefit out of your space. Use your time and hard-earned know-how to take care of whatever needs fixing around the house. Now is the perfect time to level that wobbly table, paint that dresser, and give your yard some love. For every task that you once said, “I’ll get around to that later,” the moment has arrived.

Stay busy during retirement to live a fulfilling life. You have the wonderful fortune to be able to spend time with the people you care about, in the places you want to be, doing whatever you want. Even if it’s difficult at first, once you fall into a productive routine, keep at it, and you will develop healthy habits. Do what you love, try new experiences, and never stop learning.



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