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Four Must-Visit U.S. Museums That Aren’t the Smithsonian

Museums are a great addition to any trip itinerary. They group together all of the vital information, visuals, and artifacts, so you can deep-dive into the experience. A good museum makes you smarter, more open-minded, and keeps you interested throughout.

These are four of our favorite U.S. museums, not named Smithsonian, that meet these criteria.

Exploratorium (San Francisco, CA)

This is a wildly entertaining, hyper-interactive science museum that caters to people of all ages. Every exhibit teaches you about science through a creative hands-on contraption. And to top it all off, it’s located on the bay, so you can couple your trip to the museum with a ferry ride to Alcatraz.

The Whitney (New York, NY)

Some of America’s best modern art is located in this beautiful museum at the end of New York’s famous High Line Park. Each floor and even the elevator is colorful, well-designed, and innovative. If you make it to the top floor, you’re treated to some nice views of the water, the park, and the city.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex (Titusville, FL)

Learn everything about space, the astronauts, and NASA rocket ships at this visitor complex located on the Space Coast near Orlando. You might not be able to visit outer space anytime soon, but this is the second best thing to being there.

The Dali Museum (St Petersburg, FL)

Salvador Dali is one of the all-time most original artists, and some of his best stuff is located within the walls of this elegant building in St Petersburg, Florida. But they don’t just showcase Dali’s work –they also curate special exhibits from other internationally renowned and soon-to-be renowned artists.

Add a museum to your next trip

You can’t go wrong with any these U.S. museums. Share some of your favorites in the comment section below.

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