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Relationships & Dating

Finding Love Again

Your first forays into new love after the death of a spouse are bound to be difficult. You can never replace the long history you shared with your last love, but you do have the opportunity to create new memories enjoying the company of another. Finding new love may feel intimidating and confusing. Try these tips to ease the transition back into the realm of new romance.

Redefine Your Expectations

The last time you were in the dating world, you may have been looking for marriage and family. In a later stage of life, you may find that these things aren’t as important to you. What are you looking for in a relationship now? Perhaps you’re not interested in finding a new husband or wife and simply want companionship. Reconsider where you want your relationship to go and look for others seeking a similar outlook for the future.

Be Confident in What You Want

During a long marriage, you’re bound to form habits that define how you relate to your spouse. Remember that your next foray into the dating world is a completely new experience. You can indulge different desires and explore new horizons. You’re not replacing your spouse; you’re taking a completely new journey. Allow it to be wildly different from what you’ve previously known. Do you sometimes feel scared to put yourself out there?

Take Time to Explore

Grief takes time to heal. Dating someone new for the first time may open the wounds again as you take those first tentative steps toward love. Do you feel like you’re betraying your spouse? Don’t rush into a rebound relationship. Step back when you need to, stop at friendship when it feels right, and take all the time and space you need to feel comfortable with the next stages of your love life.

There are many different types of connections, both romantic and platonic, that can give you a sense of comfort and fulfillment as you’re rebuilding your life without your spouse. Reach out and connect with others through a friendly network like Super Senior Connection’s forums. Be open to whatever may come your way, and you could find just the connection you needed.

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2 Comments on "Finding Love Again"

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Elenzia Johnson
December 5, 2017 12:20 am

My thoughts after losing my husband, is that you first need time to mourn, heal and at least want to movie forward. Then look for someone you can at least communicate with and have great friendly conversations. Go at your own pace.

Carol Kate
January 6, 2019 6:14 pm

I feel that there are varying forms and stages of grieving. Time and acceptance are healing. Still, in order to move on in a productive peaceful life we must be willing to embrace renewing hope and possibility in every day, every moment.


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