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Coping With The Loss of a Loved One

Grief and loss are unavoidable parts of life we all face. At this point in your life, you may be wondering, What now?

How do you begin to cope with the loss of a lifelong friend? A spouse?

Mourning the loss of your loved ones takes time, but it can become a starting point for a new phase in your life. The process won’t be easy, but by using a few strategies, you can come to terms with the loss.

Feel Your Feelings

Sounds easy enough, right? The range and intensity of emotions after a profound loss is overwhelming. You’ll feel sad, angry, and confounded at the same time. Make sure to feel your feelings and not push them down or deny them. It hurts, but festering feelings catch up with you eventually.

Take Care of Yourself

Grief takes a toll on your body and your mind. Once the shock wears off, you’re likely to be sore and exhausted. Make sure you’re eating nutritious meals, and getting some exercise enough sleep. Contact your doctor for help if you suffer from insomnia for an extended time.

Talk About It

Talking about your loss is a huge step toward acceptance. Denial causes frustration, alienation, and isolation. Hashing out your feelings with a friend or family member can help you wrap your head around it. Grief counseling helps countless people facing the loss of a beloved family member.

Celebrate Life

Find a way to remember your loved one and incorporate their memory into your life. Hang pictures, plant a tree, or donate to a cause. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable for you and you feel it honors your loved one.

Connect With Others

Forge friendships from your loss by helping others facing the same situation. Online communities and clubs are a great way to get started. Don’t know where to go? Check out Super Senior Connection and reach out to others who need a friend like you.

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