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Coming Out of the Closet at a Later Age

Coming out of the closet is difficult at any age, but revealing your true identity can be especially tough later in life. While this is a pivotal moment for you, it’s a transition for your loved ones as well. Here are some ways to make this a seamless and rewarding process.

Enduring Divorce

You’ve decided it’s time to move forward and be true to yourself. If you’re married, you may have been trying to come to terms with your true identity for decades. Going through with a divorce can be heartbreaking and financially challenging, and it can really test your faith. Obviously you don’t want to hurt the one you love, but it’s important to be honest, sincere and communicative with your partner. When you first talk to them, remember to be empathetic. By staying positive and keeping the lines of communications open, you’ll clear the way for your partner to come to terms and understand your position.

Family Communication

Whether you have children, siblings, or extended family, you may be concerned about their ability to accept your news. Understand that some of them will accept and love you just as you are, while others may struggle. Change isn’t always taken well when coupled with shocking news, but know that with time, love and support, if the relationship has a solid foundation, they will come around.

Navigating New Territory

Once you’ve come out, it’s normal to be nervous about navigating new territory, especially as a senior. Being the new kid on the block may make you worry that you won’t be enough or that you’ll never be able to act like yourself. Try to be patient with yourself and learn to embrace who you are. Loving yourself is the first step. Make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin before getting out there and making yourself vulnerable.

Don’t Wallow in Regrets

No matter what you do, try not to agonize over lost youth or wasted years. Keep a level head, and look forward to what’s to come now that you can live your most authentic life. Everyone’s life path is different, and it’s important to stay true to yourself and enjoy what life has to offer instead of concentrating on the past.

Whether you’ve already come out or you’re still deciding how best to do so, you need the support of a community who understands. Join Super Senior Connection to share stories and get advice from seniors who’ve been where you are.

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