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How to Combat Loneliness After Retirement


Retirement often brings many mixed emotions. You might feel excited about this phase in life when you can eliminate a lot of the stress your job may have caused. However, removing yourself from the working world can mean leaving behind a big piece of your identity, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and worry. If this sounds like what you’re going through, you’re certainly not alone.

Find a New Purpose

Getting up and going to work every day probably brought more purpose to your life than you may have realized. This type of schedule also provides structure, so suddenly having empty days without much on the agenda can make you feel anxious. Instead of sitting at home, find a new way to bring purpose to your life. You might like to spend some time exploring the world or volunteering with an organization that means a lot to you. No matter what you choose, pursue this new purpose with a passion.

Shared Housing

The idea of communal living is growing in popularity among retired people throughout the country. It’s certainly appealing, especially if you never married or your spouse has passed away. Housemates can offer companionship when you’re feeling down, and sharing the expenses can lessen some of the financial burdens that can occur after retirement.

Connect with People

You may not realize how important the interaction with your coworkers was to your overall wellbeing until you retire. Find ways to connect with others to combat feelings of loneliness. The internet makes it easier to find people who share your passions and interests.

You’re not alone. Online resources like SuperSeniorConnection.com offer all types of articles and information to help you overcome these struggles, as well as forums where you can connect with others in similar situations.

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