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RV Adventures

Benefits of Traveling in an RV

There are many benefits to traveling in an RV. If your prior camping experience involves hiking in thunderstorms pitching a tent and trying to get a good night’s sleep lying on the ground in a sleeping bag, you’ll be happy to discover RV travel can be absolutely luxurious. If you’re still on the fence about whether to stick to traditional camping or take the plunge and purchase a recreational vehicle, here’s a review of the many benefits to taking the road less traveled.

The first benefit of RV travel is comfort. You can stay warm and protected from the harsh elements like freezing winds and torrential rain, and still take in the fabulous scenery as slowly or quickly as you want. Plus, you can use the onboard restroom rather than having to stop at grimy gas stations or ducking behind a tree.

The second benefit of RV travel is community. When you pull up to a new site, the other RV travelers know you’re one of them. They’ll share their anecdotes and tips…and maybe even their dinner. Traveling in an RV gives you the opportunity to make lifelong friends who can point you toward wondrous places you never imagined you would go.

Another benefit of RV travel is freedom. If you’ve ever been part of a tour group, you know you receive an itinerary chosen by someone else, and you have to be back by a specific time to avoid being stranded in a strange place. With RV travel, the itinerary is yours. You decide where to go and when, so if you’d planned to only spend a day or two in a specific location, but when you get there you discover you like it so much you want to stay longer, you can.

Finally, when you travel in an RV you save money, since you’re combining travel with lodging. It can end up being significantly cheaper to take a vacation in the comfort of your RV rather than driving in your car, dining in restaurants, and sleeping in hotels. Plus, the cramped quarters of your car can feel claustrophobic and play havoc with your back muscles. In an RV, you have the luxury of stretching out in spacious comfort.

Millions of Americans travel freely and comfortably and are part of a vast community of people who help each other get from Point A to Point B. Plus, they save money. RV travel has many benefits and makes your travel experience even better.

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